Yukon River's Tecumseh "Maxx"

 De Abajos Doc Go To
 Amarosi DNA-CP
 Black W/C RF
 * 25.10.2002
 E 126473
 CH Suncatchers
 Blue W/C RF
 * 01.03.1999
 E 103260

CH Wilmeths Black Tie Affair
CH Moody Blues of Heatherhill
Wilmeths Shes A Daffodil

CH Wilmeths Accent the Positive
McKays Boot Scootn'Boogi
Wilmeths Shes A Daffodil
 De Abajo Little Red
 Red W/C
 * 01.04.1999
 DL 78806901 

CH Suncatchers Mr Roo To You
CH True Colors By Sirius
Gordons Country Clever Endever

CH Suncatchers Here Comes Trouble
CH True Colors By Sirius
CH Gordons Country Lace

 Yukon River's 
 Blue Angel  DNA-VP
 Blue Merle W/C
 * 08.11.2004
 E 136992
 Yukon Merlin
 * 06.02.2001
 E 116097
Lizard Kings Laurin
CH Prizm Inside Track
Exquisitas Brown Sugar Ivory

Moon Rise Barb Wire
CH Briarbrooks Pole Position
CH Black Velvets Moon Rise
 My Destiny Girl vom
 Koellbach DNA-VP
 * 07.06.2002
 E 124311
Blue Isle's Famous 
Red Dude
CH Sure to be Famous of Tres Rios
CH Friends Angel
Inka of Bavarian
Rivermede's Cool Runnings
Hanta Jo Sina Sapa