Pedigree "Sheena"

 My Destiny Girl vom
 Koellbach DNA-VP
 Red Merle W/C
 * 07.06.2002
 E 124311

 Blue Isle's Famous
 Red Dude CDX
 Red Tri W/C
 * 21.01.2000
 E 107130
 CH Sure to be
 Famous of Tres Rios
 Famous Amos of
 Tres Rios
 CH Brigadoon's
 Bressed in
 CH Friends Angel
 CH The Man from
 CH My Mystery Girl of
 Inka of Bavarian
 Forest DNA-CP
 Blue Merle W/C
 * 10.12.1997
 E 101016
 Rivermede's Cool
 CH Sand Ridge
 Misty Morn's Sawyer
 Hanta Jo Sina Sapa
 Jack Danels of
 Wyldrose Sunke
 Winkte PTE